A downloadable game for Windows

CAVE OUT! is a platformer with random level generation.

Collect all coins in the caves, but every time you fail, they spawn somewhere else!


W-A-S-D : Move

SPACE - Drop bombs

Left mouse button: Place a ladder

C - screenshot (To see, press WIN + R, %localappdata%, CAVE OUT!)

R - restart, gives you a new level


W-A-S-D: Move camera

CTRL + Mouse wheel: zoom

LMB: place block

RMB: remove block

ENTER: save level

SHIFT: load level

P: Play/Build

Install instructions

Unzip into a folder.


CAVE OUT!(.zip) 3 MB

Development log


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I can't play this because of my antivirus software

Yes, Its a common issue with GameMaker games. Play it trough the itch app. 

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I like it! Was it done using the same program as Hasmon? https://chillitech.itch.io/hasmon

Also, how do you have different fonts in the description?


I made this game using GameMaker: Studio 1.4.

To change the font of the game-page, click on edit game, edit theme, select font, pixeled

Hope that helps