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First of all, thanks for 1.5k downloads, I really appreciate it!

It is your job to inspect and sort out suspicious packages until your shift is over.

The more packages you check, the more money you get!

You get credits for every package you examined, which you then use to pay for rental charges, food or medical supply.


  • Easy to understand mechanics
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Discord integration
  • Papers, please-like graphics

Good luck, inspector.

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hey sa_ko. do you think at any point you could make a tutorial on how to make a papers please esque game? i really want to make one and was hoping you could help people like me out. is it made with unity?

Hello Ricky,

this game is made with GameMaker: Studio,
a 2D game engine which does the job perfectly for these top-down games.
Regarding the tutorial... I played too much Papers,please, and once I understood the artstyle, creating my own assets wasn't really a big problem.
The game-code itself is really simple, basic "Drag-and-drop" mechanics for interactions and some buttons.

In my opinion, it is easier to make a game with repeated gameplay, that's why I decided to make this an endless-game. The main point is that you don't have to think of a real "story" that you need to tell throughout the game. If you have the environment and basic story-setting done, you can focus on the game mechanics.
I hope this somehow helps, to be honest I have no idea what I could exactly write here to explain the making of the game.

Good luck!

awesome, thanks heaps for the reply! getting gamemaker now and will hopefully make a game soon. i see what you mean with having an endless game - that's sort of what i'm thinking of making. i like it since i can come back to it and just play it to relax if i'm angry or stressed. i can turn on some music, drink an irish coffee and read some mail. keep up the good work!


This game is confusing. It says all packages sent after 2/1949 have to be declined but every single package I have received so far were sent after 2/1949, and when I declined them I lost credits. Why?


I know this comment is kinda old, but there is an exception to the rule. For example, if a box is marked as URGENT it has to be accepted no matter what.

will there be a Portuguese version?

I'm not sure if this is just a "me" problem but the game doesn't fit to a browser window, it's too big.


It does work on browser, you just need to fullscreen. And if that doesnt work. Just zoom out a bit. 

Worked for me


Game doesn't work on browser

It does work on browser, you just need to fullscreen. And if that doesnt work. Just zoom out a bit. 


It's nice lol <3. I want to see different countries than Ussr, Britain, France and Germany


Good Game, very easy to understand.

Could have added more challenges for more gameplay, the Graphic is fine and i have a bug were sometimes when i make right decisions that i don't get Credits, but overall a good game. I made a video if someone is interested.


Its A Fun Nice And Great Game But........I Would Like If You Added More